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About PFM Bodycare

By Elizabeth Somerville

I started on my holistic career more than 15 years ago with Reiki and Indian Head massage and decided to become self employed to fit in with my family life. As carer for my grandson I wanted to be available whenever he needed me and being my own boss allowed me to be there .

My intention as a therapist was to give my clients the kind of therapies I would wish for myself. Every person is treated as an individual and each individual treatment is suited to the needs of each client.

I was introduced to Kinetic Chain Release following an injury, which enabled me to function with better mobility and movement, I was so impressed that I wanted everyone to experience the benefits and I trained in this protocol and have helped many clients to feel the benefit of having their body in balance.

Taking the next step in my journey I am also a trainer for KCR where I can now pass my knowledge to others who in turn can go on to enhance the wellbeing of many more people.

Liz gave me a taster session of KCR on my wrist and it feels so much better, the blood flow and mobility is also a lot better.

Johnny McClug

I have suffered with arthritis in my hand for several years. One treatment of Kinetic Chain Release from Liz and there is already improvement.

Maureen Montgomery

I asked Liz about treatment for TMD and after only two sessions of KCR my jaw has improved dramatically and I am no longer in pain!

Debbie Sutherland

I was absolutely amazed, after 1 session my back has been giving me problems for years a after receiving kinetic chain release treatment from you I am no longer lop sided.


I left feeling amazing!


I had a Holistic facial to help with my hay fever. WOW!! I was able to breathe clearly through my nose before the massage was finished.

Margaret S